Rumi’s Rumba

A distinguished poetry professor lectures his class on a Rumi poem, leading into a fantasy musical song and dance number.

“Moving On” Music Video

Artist: The Zombies

Bridge and Tunnel

The lives of six Long Island twenty-somethings are followed over the course of the year 2012.


When Max’s spirit reunites with his long-departed wife, he soon learns that his physical self is still fighting for his life.

I Die, I Dim and I Shine

Kim brings her boyfriend Brandon home only to find out that her dad is engaged to Brandon’s mom, resulting in a bizarre weekend.

Love and the Small Print

Three couples navigate through dramatic events in their relationships forcing them to make decisions that could change their lives.


Long Island residents find themselves helpless in the face of Hurricane Sandy. LIPA too, it appears.

Customer Appreciation

A candid look at a gas attendant in his late twenties and how he copes with the inane customers and an inept boss.

A Life For a Life

A young boy witnesses his mother getting killed. Years later he stumbles upon the killer and confronts him.

“Any Other Way” Music Video

ARTIST: The Zombies

Walking Music Video

ARTIST: Alexz Johnson

What’s Cooking in Real Estate

It is a unique synergy of high-powered networking and content driven video production. It is the show that pairs up Real Estate Celebrities with elite culinary artists in order to cook up a ‘Meal and a Deal’.

The Teacher

The Teacher tells the story of crisis in public education through the eyes of a first-year high school teacher.

Good Business

A charming, arrogant businessman, Grayson, dines with his ex-wife, Lucy, celebrating the sale of their company.

Corporate Videos